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WDAFT Podcast
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We are We Didn't Ask for This (WDAFT).
We're a podcast about life. The good shit, and the tough shit.
We're a couple of definitely human creatures, just trying our best to survive our own lives.
We're here to be honest, because honesty is how we connect with each other.
We're here to talk because it helps us deal with your lives.
And, we're here to share experiences. Because when we do, we help each other feel less alone.


"We Didn't Ask for This is one of the best new podcasts you can listen to with your ear holes."

- Tom Hardy
(...in a dream I had)




Matthew Brown is a human interabang. He exists somewhere on the precipice between a semi-functioning adult and a wombat.

When he isn’t busy waiting to be old enough to tell kids to get off of his lawn, he writes and directs indie films.

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LaRue Morgan

Bethany LaRue Morgan is the living embodiment of the idea of two puppies rolling down a hill. She is sunshine with red hair.

When she isn’t busy shouting encouragement to random animals, she is an actress, vlogger, and vocal performer.


Drink from the juice of our mind grapes

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