WDAFT - Ep6.5 - Reading


EP 6.5 - A Reading of “Relying on Talents(Piano)” by Jennifer Duggan

In this our episode 6.5 of We Didn't Ask for This, our mostly-fearless co-host, Bethany LaRue Morgan at Matthew Brown's suggestion, reads Jennifer Duggan's personal essay, as mentioned in episode 6.

Relying on Talents(Piano) by Jennifer Duggan... I lay on the ocean blue carpet. I am comforted. It is home to me. My parents living room. Custom built home in the 40's on Openshaw road. The clock frequently calls at 8:52. I look up from my sleep to see black lacquer. The under belly of a grand piano. I love the comforts of home. That living room has seen Christmas. "What are you grateful for?". Wrapping paper on Christmas Eve. Fires Roaring, the Christmas Story. Christmas recitals. Thanksgiving, 3 tables full of noisy chatter. Then Julies and my birthday somewhere in the middle. Dads electronics to sing 'Happy Birthday'. Moms jello salad. Discussion of politics and current events. The piano rests on Thanksgiving. On some occasions I long for a recital, a piano recital. I played in them when I was in my youth. My mother was a music teacher. Voice, organ, piano. I hated to practice or I would have excelled. I longed for the outdoors more than the four walls of the piano studio life. So theory was definitely last minute and rushed. Still to this day my left hand is blind to playing piano. I can' t read the notes. In this process I was exposed to classical piano. I relied on others talents to interpret these melodies I have come to love and appreciate. A pianist, I am not. So I lay under my mothers piano. 7 foot long and ask her to play. Debussey, Chopin, Rachmoninoff, Clair de Lune, Fantasie Impromptu, Beethoven. I rely on her talent to quiet the storm inside me. I am lulled into sleep and dreams with Yamaha lullabies. I know I was blessed and loved in those recitals. The piano notes pierced my soul and opened me up to magic. In all my life music has opened me up to endless possibilities. So I am grateful for ears to hear and the imagination that follows the mystery of notes that lead me on countless journeys. For others talents and many recitals. The End